title frame


The very first project of the Mograph Mentor Program. Design for a theme was an unconstrained, completely free attempt to design styleframes on any subject. To me the main idea was to design with a theme in mind but also to aproach the project from a personal perspective. I think it`s kind of a gamble since many times as a designer you have to produce with a reference in mind and therefore similar to someone else work. However from a human perspective I think that you can`t separate the artist from his work. In this case I wanted to keep a bit of the designer into the design process looking for a way for it to stand on it`s own. 

My choice was to give it a try at interpreting different scenarios that I have been thought but unfortunately I`ve not been able to capture that feelings or memories though pictures. Thought the development of this film it became a progression thought the sunrise in the Andes. I like many of them so I`m still working on it. I`m hoping to have a nice little short film by the end of the year.


First I picked key shots of what I wanted to show. I live in the andes (obviously ^^) and it`s just a normal thing to have mountains everywhere so I started there. The key word to me was "interpretation" so I started doing some abstractions of shapes saw around. This like mountains, bird, trees. Mostly nature sceneries since those are very prominent around here. From there I started to look for a purpose of each shot. Many where memories and some few where more things I wished I could see. Mostly caves since I don`t think I`ll ever get into those. 

mountain02_01_0001_Layer 3
cave_01_0002_Layer 1
Untitled-1_0015_Layer 2
Untitled-1_0012_Layer 5
Untitled-1_0001_Layer 16
Untitled-1_0005_Layer 12
Untitled-1_0008_Layer 9
Untitled-1_0009_Layer 8
Untitled-1_0010_Layer 7
mountain02_01_0000_Layer 4
mountain02_01_0002_Layer 1

With this done I picked the ones that resonated the most to me and developed those.


At this point I had either a couple of hits and a couple of misses. On one hand the texture on the images became a great resource. I liked the feeling of an old picture and It played well with the concept of the project which is based on memories. I managed to abstract many of the images with simple elements with was pretty hard since landscapes tend to be very complex. At this point I haven`t really tried to unify colors along all the styleframes among other elements. There was a lot of work to be done and only one week left!


At the beginning it wasn`t meant to have a narrative link between the images but as I was working on unifying concepts, shapes and color among them I was nice to see that they did worked well together as a sequence. It`s all this small moments that start early at dawn and finish when the sun finally rises. That made me change the final frame to reflect that and also the title frame became pretty important for this concept (hence the darkest frame of all),