Motion Identity project for Mograph Mentor Class 2. I picked the Petrolicious youtube channel for this project given that they have been doing the most awesome car-related shortfilms and being a car enthusiast myself felt like a good opportunity to play with some visual concepts for it. 

preproduction and design

The Petrolicious films have a particular storytelling showing the link between people and their vehicles and that was the main concept that I wanted to carry into this intro. With that in mind I did some concepts revolving around starting the day as a car enthusiast since this was going to be at the beginning of every film. It`s a 10 second animation at most so it was pretty important to have a small amount of scenes and to transition smoothly through them so we can read property what's going on.  

mooboard_infographics__0002_Layer 19_02
mooboard_infographics__0001_Layer 20
mooboard_infographics__0000_Layer 21

We start with a close up of a car key falling. As it rotates we see inside the key a road across the key and a car on the road. Then the key rotates and inside the key we see a split screen with a character wearing googles on one side and a hand with a leather globe on the other. Finally the key keeps rotating until it fall inside the car switch. Now the hand with the glove turn the key and with some transition we see the logo of the channel. END

mooboard_infographics__0014_Layer 7

Its dark and we are inside the car. The garage starts to open and we see the contour of some parts of the dashboard. We are in a first person perspective and sunglasses fall into the screen and through them we see a road ahead and we see the car going through it. Camera goes up and a segment of the road appear with a car turning a curve. Then we see the logo of the channel. END

I always put some options on the table. It helps in finding the right path for the story and also in setting a common ground with clients since many times it takes a bit of work to align what you think is best for the project with what the client believe works best for them. Also I did some concepts that are loosely related to this options. Many times one image can either fit into the initial ideas or grow into a new proposal as well. Finally a small test with color. That comes latter in the process but it doesn`t hurt to have at least a starting point

mooboard_infographics__0013_Shape 8
mooboard_infographics__0012_Layer 9
mooboard_infographics__0013_Shape 8 copy
mooboard_infographics__0011_Layer 10
mooboard_infographics__0009_Layer 12
mooboard_infographics__0010_Layer 11
mooboard_infographics__0016_Layer 5
mooboard_infographics__0006_Layer 15
mooboard_infographics__0015_Layer 6
mooboard_infographics__0014_Layer 7

The first option was the chosen one since it flows pretty well. The only thing pending was what to put inside the keys after the first car. The idea was to show at some point the driver himself getting ready or showing him getting the car ready. When you actually like what you`re driving this process is such a remarkable experience. You check the car is ready, take a breath, turn it on and hear this complex machines just come to life. It was a bit tricky due to the constrained framing that the key proposed so, time for do some sketches!


We were going to be mostly on the "driving mood" rather than the "racing mood" which helped make decisions rather quick. Here is the final moodboards

I was actually happy with the first option but it was too colorful for what it`s meant to be so a new color palette was made and it worked pretty well. 


With everything sorted out time came for animation. Given the movement of the key and the car I had to do it in 3d since it gives room to play with how things flow. Also drawing the car changing perspective wasn`t going to cut it if anything had to change. The car resembles a vintage coupe but It was important not to display an specific model since the channel covers a big spectrum of cars (however, most of them are sports cars). 

After polishing the animation each color was rendered and composed in AE where the other animations where added. I discarded the wheel at the back since it became a bit or a distraction and it wasn`t really adding too much. Also added some sort of trace when the key rotates to add a little to the sensation of speed and also helped smopth this transitions. Finally I did animate the guy in the logo. At first sight is hard to look at it but it`s a small fun detail ^^

From the start this wasn`t going to have any music on it. Sound design came at the very end and finding the right sounds was pretty hard task since I didn`t have access to the cars that I needed to record. Fortunately I found some v6 and v8 clean sounds that are just lovely.